At Braintree Dental Group, we offer a wide array of dental services.

Cosmetic Dentistry
At Braintree Dental Group, Dr. Hasan’s goal is to provide you with the healthy and beautiful smile of your dreams. She performs various cosmetic dental treatments including teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, Invisalign, restoring chipped or broken teeth, dental bonding, BOTOX®, and overall smile makeover.

Pediatric Dentistry
At Braintree Dental Group, Dr. Hasan enjoys providing care to our younger patients. She emphasizes strong preventative techniques including sealants, fluoride treatment, as well as routine cleanings and exams. She also perform pediatric dental procedures including composite restorations, pulpotomies, space maintainers, and SSC.

Crowns are the indicated restorative treatment for teeth that are cracked or have been root canal treated. After the tooth is prepared for a crown, an impression is taken and sent to a lab for fabrication. Crowns can be made entirely from high-strength ceramic and porcelain for a beautiful esthetic smile. With proper at-home care, your new crown will improve your overall oral health for a more confident and beautiful smile.

Root Canal Treatment
Root canal treatment is the indicated treatment for teeth with large carious lesions involving the nerve and for certain teeth which have experienced trauma. The process includes receiving local anesthesia, creating an opening in the tooth to allow Dr. Hasan access to the pulp chamber and canals. Each canal is measured and cleaned, disinfected thoroughly, sealed and filled with a material known as gutta percha. The process of a root canal may seem more daunting but with our advanced technology at Braintree Dental Group, we can assure you that you will be completely comfortable.

Dr. Hasan will determine whether a tooth is indicated for an extraction through proper diagnosis. Teeth are considered “non-restorable” and are indicated for extraction when they are severely decayed, have advanced periodontal disease, or are cracked. Other teeth are indicated for extraction for orthodontic treatment. Dr. Hasan will discuss treatment options for replacing the missing tooth/teeth. During the extraction procedure, Dr. Hasan will anesthetize the area where the tooth is located, ie the tooth, bone, and gum area. If the tooth can be simply extracted, Dr. Hasan will elevate the tooth and then extract the tooth with forceps. It is normal to feel a strong sensation of pressure however Dr. Hasan will make the process as comfortable as possible for you. In some situations, the tooth may need to be extracted surgically which may require sectioning the tooth and elevating it in pieces, or having to remove some bone surrounding the tooth. Our goal here at Braintree Dental Group is to allow you to feel as comfortable as possible during any procedure.

When a patient loses a tooth, several aspects of their oral health are consequently effected. As a result, a bridge is an indicated treatment for replacement of a missing tooth. Dr. Hasan will begin the procedure by anesthetizing the area, prepare the two adjacent teeth and temporize. Dr. Hasan will take a final impression, a bite registration and prepare an occlusal analysis to be sent to the lab to ensure a proper bridge that has good esthetics and function.

When you’ve lost all of your teeth on the upper or lower dental ridge, Dr. Hasan can help you reinvent your smile with a custom-made denture. Complete dentures rest on a comfortable, gum-colored base, and the replacement teeth are crafted from durable, realistic-looking dental porcelain. With the help of complete dentures, you can flash your smile with joy and confidence!

Teeth Whitening
Over time, teeth become more yellow due to coffee, tea, certain foods, smoking, and even aging. Having a “pearly white” smile is the most common cosmetic procedure in dentistry. Although many over the counter products are available in the market, in-office treatment is the most recommended option among dentists, to correct mild and severe discoloration. We offer ZOOM® teeth whitening as well as an at home teeth whitening system.

Tooth Colored Fillings
At Braintree Dental Group, Dr. Hasan uses the finest composite material to deliver the best esthetic, functional, and long lasting results. A white colored composite restoration is a conservative treatment for decayed and some fractured teeth. Dr. Hasan uses Venus Diamond and G-aenial flo when restoring teeth because of their excellent polish and “chameleon effect” for blending seamlessly with the tooth.

Oral Disease/Cancer Screenings
To provide a more detailed oral evaluation, Dr. Hasan utilizes the VELscope VX to detect abnormalities in the oral mucosa. With the VELscope VX, the blue light stimulates natural fluorescence which allows Dr. Hasan to see disease not visibile with the naked eye. This technology allows her to be able to view oral pathology before it can be seen under ordinary light. This assessment is done within a few minutes without any discomfort.

Night Guard
Oftentimes patients clench and grind their teeth. This results in tension of the muscles, jaw pain, headaches, as well as dental wear and abfraction. A night guard is indicated in such situations because it allows the patient to spread the forces and protect the teeth. A night guard acts as a cushion between the upper and lower teeth. We custom fabricate the night guard by taking an accurate impression of the upper teeth as well as a bite registration.